SOAR Aesthetic Garden

You’ve seen botanical gardens before, but nothing like SOAR. This free public garden is unlike any other, featuring surreal sculptures and art installations scattered among the greenery. Wind through whimsical pathways surrounded by mosaic-tiled sculptures, or pose for snaps in front of the massive metal flower wall. SOAR stands for “Sculpture Open Air Recreation,” and it lives up to that name. One of the coolest parts is that all the artwork was created using repurposed materials, so you’re experiencing creativity and environmental awareness at once. We won’t spoil all the surprises—you have to see this place for yourself.

Address: 12032 Acacia Pkwy, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Phone: (714) 741-5200

Pho Bac “Sup Er Kiln” Worlds Hugest Pho

Pho is a staple in Garden Grove’s Vietnamese community…but have you ever eaten pho from a bowl the size of a jacuzzi? Didn’t think so. At the cheekily-named Pho Bac, you can slurp noodles from a ceramic tureen holding over 7,000 pounds of broth. Yes, you read that right. This actual Guinness World Record holder opened back in 2012, serving one of the most iconic and authentic Vietnamese dishes on a mind-blowing scale. Groups can gather around the steaming kiln-turned-bowl and dig in with shoreline spoons, scooping up fresh herbs, chili sauce, and all the fixins that make pho so tasty.

Address: 8199 Bolsa Ave, Midway City, CA 92655

Phone: (714) 898-5282

Japan’s Village Walk

Feel like you’ve been transported to a peaceful Japanese village as you stroll cobblestone paths weaving through lush gardens and pagoda architecture. Japan’s Village Walk is like a taste of Nippon tucked into Garden Grove’s suburban streets, filled with tranquil koi ponds, traditional Japanese restaurants, and shops selling gorgeous kimonos and pottery. Garden Grove is home to one of the largest Japanese populations in SoCal, so it’s no wonder this corner of the city feels like the real thing. Join the shogun for a photo op, pick up some goodies from the vendors, or just get zen listening to the burbling water features. This spot is perfect for some cultural immersion without buying a pricey plane ticket.

Address: 8701 Sublimity Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Phone: (714) 539-9945

ICCE Building

Okay, hear us out: this towering office building may not seem exciting, but take a closer look and you’ll see why it’s considered one of the coolest buildings in SoCal. The ICCE Building looks like it’s made from massive LEGO bricks, with colorful geometric blocks stacked in a dazzling array of cheerful primary colors. This office building holds ICCE (International Community Corporation for Exhibitions), but you don’t need to be an employee or client to admire its funky architecture from the outside. Play a real-life game of “Spot The LEGO Designs,” see if you can find the structures built into the facade, and definitely get a silly group photo in front of the bright, bold visuals. Yeah, it’s technically an office—but this place is an unexpected artistic gem.

Address: 6772 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683

Phone: (714) 891-4661

Lucky Cat Trail

Step into an adorable real-life cartoon scene as you walk the Lucky Cat Trail, a public path lined with extremely decorated cat statues. Modeled after Maneki-neko (the Japanese lucky cat icon), these whimsical kitties bring smiles to all who pass by in their wildly vibrant colors and eccentric designs. It’s no secret that the internet loves cats, so Garden Grove leaned into that obsession to create this unique trail that runs for half a mile along Garden Grove Park and Grubbs Park. Pose like a cat-ure model with your favorite feline statue, see how many different breeds you can spot, or just enjoy a stroll surrounded by lucky kitty energy. The best part? When you follow the path to its end, you’ll wind up at…an actual cat cafe!

Address: 12942 Main St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Phone: (714) 741-5200

Garden Grove Masonic Lodge

Architecture fans and conspiracy theorists, get ready to geek out over this one. The Garden Grove Masonic Lodge is an unassuming building…that just so happens to contain a stunning replica of King Solomon’s Temple hidden inside its plain brick walls. Seriously, look up some images of this place—it’ll blow your mind. Step through the Lodge’s humble entryway and you’ll be transported into a jaw-dropping sacred space dripping in mystic Masonic symbolism. The room is an exact scale model based on ancient biblical descriptions, and it’s breathtakingly decorated with detailed frescos, intricate iconography like the Star of David, and the signature darkness and light effects endemic to Masonic teachings. Local Masons host tours by appointment only, so call ahead if you want to experience this hidden gem for yourself.

Address: 11042 Acacia Pkwy, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Phone: (714) 537-0907

Bud Hubbard Park

All that urban exploring can really take it out of you—when you need a break, kick back at the chillest park in Garden Grove. Bud Hubbard Park is designed to feel like an oasis, with a peaceful lake surrounded by grass, trees, and walking trails. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing group picnic to refuel after all your adventures. This park has all the basics like playgrounds, picnic shelters, and sports fields… but it also has some hidden gems up its sleeve. Rent a pedal boat and cruise the lake, try your hand at fishing, or mosey on over to the community garden to see what’s growing. If you visit during summer, don’t miss the annual Vietnamese Night with cultural celebrations and fireworks over the water.

Address: 11299 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Phone: (714) 741-5200

Stanley Ranch Museum

Step back in time and experience the agricultural roots of Garden Grove at the Stanley Ranch Museum. This historic ranch house and barn were built in 1891, and today they offer a fascinating glimpse into what life was like on an early OC farm. Tour the fully-restored Victorian home and outbuildings, wander through the lush gardens and orchards, or attend one of the frequent events celebrating the area’s heritage. If you’re traveling with kids, the Stanley Ranch Museum makes for an awesome living history lesson (way better than sitting in class!). Kids especially love holiday events like the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas Open House when the ranch gets decked out in early 20th century decor. And for adults, wine tastings and historical reenactments make for an entertaining change of pace.

Address: 12174 Euclid St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Phone: (714) 741-5200

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